Sunfish Worlds 2019: Bonaire

Blue Destination

Bonaire: The World’s Leader in Nature Preservation by Synergizing People and Nature We are a progressive Caribbean island in terms of synergizing people and nature, and a leader in the preservation of its natural assets. Bonaire commits and adapts to the sustainable use of ocean resources for growth, well-being, jobs and the ocean ecosystem’s health. With Bonaire Blue Destination we want to raise awareness in the field of sustainability, for the benefit of our nature, economic development and the preservation of our heritage and culture, a culture that has always lived with and from the ocean. The sustainability efforts of BonSailing, the sailing federation of Bonaire, for this great event are, in random order:

  • Providing all sailors and visitors with samples of Oxybenzone-free sunscreen lotion and having large squeeze bottles available for free application on the beach. The Oxybenzone present in chemical sunscreens is harmful to corals, marine life, algae and sea urchins. It not only increases the toxicity of the open waters, but also causes coral bleaching.

  • Providing all sailors with several water bottles, which can be refilled on land and at the start boat with water or a power drink. The quality of the drinking water of Bonaire is superb; it is desalinated ocean water and absolutely safe to drink. Imagine 72 sailors drinking 5 bottles of water per day times 7 days that is an amazing 2,500 bottle of single-use plastic added to our landfill!! We strongly suggest using the water bottles provided by our Bonaire Blue Destination partners.

  • Providing all F&B during the event at the venue either with regular plates & silverware, or with compostable food containers, cups, straws and cutlery.

  • Providing all sailors with a goodie bag, which can be used as your shopping bag when you visit the grocery markets or the downtown shopping area for some souvenirs.

  • Positioning recycle stations on the three beaches nearest to the race course, for all spectators to recycle cans, plastics, glass and waste.

  • Positioning in-water garbage stations for the sailors to deposit their waste in between races.

So, our question to all sailors, family members, friends and coaches is: What is Blue to you?


Design & programming: Gerard -Foxbox- Vos (Sunfish NED458)