Sunfish Worlds

i-Sail tracker

We encourage all Sunfish Worlds participants to use the free i-Sail tracker app. This smartphone/ iPhone app registers your track(s) using GPS; no data connection is needed. I-Sail will combine all tracks per heat. All heats will become publically available for online playback; your friends an relatives can see how you sailed! Are you a Sunfish Worlds participant? Please create a free i-Sail account asap (preferable using the email address you used for the Worlds registration) and download/install the app. This will give us time to set-up the event for you. Read the instructions linked below.

Disclaimer: YOU are responsible for your phone; We accept no liability for any (in)direct or consequential loss or damage.


i-Sail instructions 
Design & programming: Gerard -Foxbox- Vos (Sunfish NED458)