50th Sunfish World Championship

Partner options

BonSailing, the sailing federation of Bonaire and organizer of these Sunfish World Championships is grateful and excited to announce our partners for the 49th Sunfish Worlds, Youth & Masters 2019!!

We created four levels partnerships, each with many different exposure opportunities: with logo’s on this website, on banners on the start boat, on the buoys, on the event banner used during interviews and award ceremonies, on the volunteer shirts, on the sailor shirts etcetera but also in our effort to organize a sustainable event on the self-designed, in-water garbage bins and beach-recycle stations. Other exposure options are mentioning in press releases, product placement in goodie bags, digital promotion, beach flags, and a sale booth during registration.

Please contact us via partners@sunfishworlds.org for any questions you might have.

 Diamond Partners:

 Gold partners:

 Silver Partners:

 Blue Partners:

Design & programming: Gerard -Foxbox- Vos (Sunfish NED458)