50th Sunfish World Championship

Job Laboyrie

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Sail numberARU 2
Sailing clubn/a
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Master Worlds results

2019Bonaire - Bonaire Sailing Foundation13

Other results

SunfishAruba Regatta  (ABW)4
SunfishAruba Regatta  (ABW)3
SunfishAruba Regatta  (ABW)5
SunfishSpring Series Rodgers Beach (ABW)4
SunfishAruba Regatta Aruba (ABW)5
SunfishAruba Regatta Aruba (ABW)6
SunfishAruba Regatta Aruba (ABW)1
SunfishRembrandt Regatta Aruba (ABW)3
SunfishNationals Aruba (ABW)3

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