50th Sunfish World Championship

Betsy A. Schmidt

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CountryUnited States
Sail number19742
Sailing clubLewes YC
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Master Worlds results

2004Melbourne, FL (USA) - Melbourne YC57
2003Key Largo, FL (USA) - Upper Keys SC56

Other results

SunfishUS Sunfish Masters  (USA)35
SunfishMid Atlantic Regional #2 Lewes YC (USA)10
SunfishNorth American Championship Lake Bluff YC (USA)67
SunfishNorth American championship Lewes YC (USA)59
SunfishMid Atlantic Regional #3  (USA)11
SunfishMid-Atlantic Rehoboth Bay SA (USA)10
SunfishNorth American Championship Bay Waveland YC (USA)58
SunfishNorth American championship Brant Beach YC (USA)67
SunfishMid Atlantic Regional #2 Rehoboth Bay SA (USA)11
SunfishMid Atlantic Regional #1 Greater Wildwood YC (USA)11
SunfishMid Atlantic Regional #2 Ware River YC (USA)5
SunfishMid Atlantic Regional #1 Lewes YC (USA)17
SunfishMid Atlantic Regional #1 Corinthian YC (USA)13
SunfishMid Atlantic Regional #2 Rehoboth Bay SA (USA)18
SunfishNorth American championship Mattituck YC (USA)85
SunfishWomen NA Championship Bay Waveland YC (USA)18
SunfishNorth American championship James Island YC (USA)74
SunfishWomen NA Championship Lewes YC (USA)13
SunfishNorth American championship Erie YC (USA)50
SunfishWomen NA Championship Wawasee YC (USA)20
SunfishMid Atlantic Regional #2 Surf City YC (USA)24
SunfishNorth American championship Rush Creek YC (USA)60
SunfishMid Atlantic Regional #3 Premier SC (USA)9
SunfishMid Atlantic Regional #2 Lewes YC (USA)12
SunfishNorth American championship Lewes YC (USA)79
SunfishMid Atlantic Regional #2 Rehoboth Bay SA (USA)12
SunfishUS Nationals at Midwinter Pensacola YC (USA)56
SunfishWomen NA Championship James Island YC (USA)16
SunfishNorth American championship Bay Waveland YC (USA)69
SunfishWomen NA Championship Clearwater YC (USA)24
SunfishAlCort Cup Barrington YC (USA)30
SunfishWorld's Longest Sunfish Race Around Shelter Island, NY Southold YC (USA)36
SunfishNorth American championship Highland Lakes YC (USA)88
SunfishWomen NA championship Austin YC (USA)19
SunfishNA Founders Cup  (USA)19
SunfishMid Atlantic Regional Brigantine YC (USA)40
SunfishNew York Upstate Regional Canandaigua YC (USA)3
SunfishMid Atlantic Regional Yankee Point YC (USA)17
SunfishMid Atlantic Regional Yacht Club of Sea Isle City (USA)22
SunfishUS Sunfish Masters  (USA)26
SunfishNA Founders Cup  (USA)26
SunfishNA Founders Cup  (USA)18
SunfishWomen NA Championship Wequaquet Lake YC (USA)25
SunfishMid Atlantic Regional Spray Beach YC (USA)20
SunfishNA Founders Cup  (USA)21
SunfishUS Sunfish Masters Southold YC (USA)15
SunfishWorld's Longest Sunfish Race Around Shelter Island, NY Southold YC (USA)21
SunfishWomen NA Championship Lake Bluff YC (USA)22
SunfishNA Founders Cup  (USA)25
SunfishWomen NA Championship Sea Cliff (USA)13
SunfishMid Atlantic Regional #2 Brigantine YC (USA)22
SunfishMid Atlantic Regional Lewes YC (USA)12
SunfishNA Founders Cup  (USA)25
SunfishWomen NA Championship Columbia SC (USA)22
SunfishMid Atlantic Regional Brigantine YC (USA)25
SunfishNorth American championship Springfield YC (USA)60
SunfishUS Nationals at Midwinter Sarasota Sailing Squadron (USA)93
SunfishUS Sunfish Masters Rehoboth Bay SA (USA)16
SunfishWomen NA Championship Wequaquet Lake YC (USA)25
SunfishNA Founders Cup  (USA)35
SunfishPennsylvania Championship Marsh Creek SC (USA)15
SunfishWomen NA Championship Mandeville (USA)22
SunfishNA Founders Cup Bay-Waveland YC (USA)35
SunfishSouthwest Regional #3 New Orleans, LA (USA)4
SunfishWomen NA Championship Lewes YC (USA)13
SunfishMaster Championship Rehoboth Bay SA (USA)17
SunfishNA Founders Cup Sayville YC (USA)53
SunfishNA Founders Cup  (USA)11
SunfishNA Founders Cup Rehoboth Bay SA (USA)31
SunfishMid Atlantic Regional #2 Avalon YC (USA)33

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Sailed with

Miller, Connie  (USA) 63
Evans, Steven W.  (USA) 22
Katterheinrich, Tom  (USA) 19
Manning, Pat  (USA) 18
Jackson, George B.  (USA) 16
McLaughlin jr, William L.  (USA) 15
Mason, Janice  (USA) 15
Parks, Lee  (USA) 14
Davies, David  (USA) 14
Manning, Vic  (USA) 14
Turluck, Gail  (USA) 14
Houston, Chris  (USA) 14
Edwards-Swan, Anne  (USA) 14
McHenry, Ronald  (USA) 14
Murphy-Heausler, Gail  (USA) 14
Palmer, Vickie  (USA) 14
Jaywork, Nancy  (USA) 14
McGinnis, Brian  (USA) 13
Bergman, Jean  (USA) 13
McMullen, Rosemary  (USA) 12
Montes, Lee  (USA) 11
Tillman, Linda  (USA) 11
Jackson, Derek  (USA) 10
Miner, Allyn  (USA) 10
Chapman, Rich  (USA) 10
Meyer, John  (USA) 10
Buchanan, Ray  (USA) 10
Edwards, Todd  (USA) 9
Koehler, Marguerite  (USA) 9
Steele, Rita  (USA) 9
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