50th Sunfish World Championship

Johnny Lovell

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CountryUnited States
Home port
Sail number
Sailing clubn/a

Other results

SunfishGulf Coast Regional Buccanneer YC (USA)1

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Sailed with

Lovell, Katy  (USA) 1
Blouin, Dave  (USA) 1
Ollinger, Ellis  (USA) 1
Gramm, Micki  (USA) 1
Kleinschrodt, Karl  (USA) 1
Long, Raymond  (USA) 1
Wuescher, Peter  (USA) 1
Edwards-Swan, Anne  (USA) 1
Yoder, Zane  (USA) 1
Brennan, Donovan  (USA) 1
Edwards, Clinton  (USA) 1
Saurage, Hank  (USA) 1
Stieffel, Bishop  (USA) 1