50th Sunfish World Championship

Alex Conway

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CountryUnited States
Sail number77378
Sailing clubn/a
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Worlds results

1998Sayville, NY (USA) - Sayville Yacht Club69
1996Dominican Republic - Club Nautica Boca Chica49

Worlds Results

Detailed Worlds race results

Other results

JY15North American championship Niantic (USA)22
SunfishNew York Downstate Regional Southold YC (USA)22
SunfishYouth & Junior NA championship Gulfport YC (USA)4
SunfishWequaquet/ NE Regional Wequaquet Lake YC (USA)12
SunfishNorth American championship Gulfport YC (USA)55
SunfishYouth & Junior NA championship Sayville YC (USA)2
SunfishNorth American championship Sayville YC (USA)14
SunfishNew York Downstate Regional Moriches YC (USA)16
SunfishYouth & Junior NA championship Lewes YC (USA)4
SunfishNorth American championship Lewes YC (USA)47
SunfishChowder Bowl Narrasketuck YC (USA)7
SunfishLong Island Championship Wet Pants SA (USA)15
SunfishNew York Downstate Regional Southold YC (USA)25

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Sailed with

Weeks, Brian  (USA) 10
Mockridge, Kenny  (USA) 9
Furman, Joel  (USA) 7
Koehler, Jim  (USA) 7
Donahue, Thomas  (USA) 7
Conway, Robert  (USA) 7
Patin, Paul-Jon  (USA) 6
Kennedy, Bruce  (USA) 6
Haberland, Bill  (USA) 6
Brangiforte, Bill  (USA) 5
Feldman, Dan  (USA) 5
Remmer, Kathleen  (USA) 5
Koch, Rod  (USA) 5
Katterheinrich, Tom  (USA) 5
Edwards-Swan, Anne  (USA) 5
Seiffert, Posy  (CUW) 5
DiResta-Coffill, Christine  (USA) 5
Parks, Lee  (USA) 4
Condon, John  (USA) 4
Edwards, Todd  (USA) 4
Manning, Pat  (USA) 4
Linton, Jeff  (USA) 4
Bergman, Don  (USA) 4
Bergman, Jean  (USA) 4
Heffernan-Haberland, Nancy  (USA) 4
Houston, Chris  (USA) 4
Abels, Fred  (USA) 4
Weider, Mark  (USA) 4
Cavanaugh, Liam  (USA) 4
Heinl, Dick  (USA) 4
Design & programming: Gerard -Foxbox- Vos (Sunfish NED458)