50th Sunfish World Championship

Barry Pierce

Sailor image
CountryUnited States
Sail number75149
Sailing clubn/a
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Master Worlds results

2008Pensacola, FL USA - Pensacola YC29

Other results

SunfishJ.H. Tyler McConnell Cup Rehoboth Bay SA (USA)5
SunfishMid Atlantic Regional #2 Rehoboth Bay SA (USA)15
SunfishMid Atlantic Regional #1 Rehoboth Bay SA (USA)12
SunfishMid Atlantic Regional #1 Rehoboth Bay SA (USA)22
SunfishUS Sunfish Masters  (USA)14
SunfishUS Sunfish Masters Rehoboth Bay SA (USA)18
SunfishMaster Championship Rehoboth Bay SA (USA)10
SunfishNA Founders Cup Rehoboth Bay SA (USA)5

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Sailed with

Miller, Connie  (USA) 7
Schmidt, Betsy A.  (USA) 5
Buchanan, Ray  (USA) 4
Jaywork, Nancy  (USA) 4
Donkersloot, Jacob  (USA) 3
Evans, Steven W.  (USA) 3
McMullen, Rosemary  (USA) 3
Davies, David  (USA) 3
McLaughlin jr, William L.  (USA) 3
Meyer, John  (USA) 3
Heinl, Dick  (USA) 3
Davis, Rob  (USA) 3
Meeks, Connie  (USA) 3
Littleton, Arthur  (USA) 2
McGinnis, Brian  (USA) 2
Miner, Allyn  (USA) 2
Lazo, Judith  (USA) 2
Saunders, Richard G.  (USA) 2
Greenfield, James L  (USA) 2
McHenry, Ronald  (USA) 2
Young, Courtney  (USA) 2
Weeks,David  (USA) 2
Anderson, George  (USA) 2
Mason, Janice  (USA) 2
Miller, David  (USA) 2
Hutchinson, Norton  (USA) 2
Houston, Chris  (USA) 1
Koch, Rod  (USA) 1
Turluck, Gail  (USA) 1
Manning, Vic  (USA) 1
Design & programming: Gerard -Foxbox- Vos (Sunfish NED458)