50th Sunfish Worlds

Compare sailors - pick 1st sailor

This program is able to compare 2 Sunfish Worlds sailors. Start by selected sailor 1. Next you select sailor 2 based on that choice. The comparison is done for mutual results in events they both participated in. The database is rather huge: 5285 results from the past Youth-, Masters- and Worlds + 34303 results from 3881 other Sunfish regattas + 6126 results from 2561 regattas in 100 other classes in 60 countries
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ActionNameCountryHome port
SelectHaberland, BillUnited States
SelectHabraken, JobNetherlandsZoetermeer
SelectHachmann, NicoVenezuela
SelectHackstaff, AddisonUnited States
SelectHaggerty, ArthurUnited StatesHinsdale, IL
SelectHale, BartUnited StatesNew York, NY
SelectHale, CheUnited States
SelectHall, Barbara United StatesDunedin
SelectHall, Bob United States
SelectHall, PhillipBahamas
SelectHamilton, PatUnited States
SelectHamilton, RyanUnited States
SelectHamm, RyanUnited StatesCharleston, SC
SelectHannikainen, AarneCanada
SelectHanselman, DavidUnited States
SelectHanselman, ErikUnited States
SelectHanselman, FritzUnited StatesLibertyville, IL
SelectHanselman, HollyUnited States
SelectHansenUnited StatesWayzata, MN
SelectHansen, PeterUnited States
SelectHansen, RuneUnited States
SelectHansen, SueUnited States
SelectHarms, EdmundAruba
SelectHarpon, ChristianMartinique
SelectHarrisVirgin Islands US
SelectHarris, BrianUnited States
SelectHarris, WendyAntigua and Barbuda
SelectHarrison,DianneUnited States
SelectHarrison,ScottUnited States
SelectHartman, DavidUnited States
SelectHartung, ClaudiaVenezuela
SelectHarvey, JamieBermuda
SelectHassinger, PeytonUnited States
SelectHastings,DavidUnited States
SelectHauschild, DanielUnited States
SelectHauschild, ElizabethUnited States
SelectHawkins, HughUnited StatesGulfport
SelectHayes, WaltColombia
SelectHeckman, BobUnited StatesWest Palm Beach, FL
SelectHeffernan-Haberland, NancyUnited StatesGambrills, MD
SelectHeinl, DickUnited StatesManhasset, NY
SelectHeller, Jonathan B. United States
SelectHelman, JohnUnited States
SelectHencke, LeviUnited States
SelectHendrikx, EugeneNetherlandsWageningen
SelectHendrikx, LouisCuracaoWillemstad
SelectHenningsen, JoyDenmark
SelectHenningsen, StaniVenezuela
SelectHenriquez, Ena RosaDominican Republic
SelectHenshaw,JohnUnited Kingdom
SelectHerdrich, BobUnited States
SelectHerkrath, Andres EduardoColombiaBogota
SelectHernandez Guzman, DavidGuatemala
SelectHernandez Santos, Jose DanielGuatemala
SelectHernandez, David MisaelGuatemala
SelectHernandez-Voth, PabloVenezuela
SelectHerndon, EricUnited States
SelectHerndon, KarynUnited StatesWilmette
SelectHerrmann, PatriciaUnited States
SelectHersey, AlUnited States
SelectHesse, DanUnited StatesSaratoga Springs, NY
SelectHeywood, Matt(hew)United States
SelectHickling, LukeUnited States
SelectHiguera, SebastianColombia
SelectHigueras Silva, FernandaPeruLima
SelectHiles,PaulUnited Kingdom
SelectHill, EdUnited States
SelectHinrichs, GerritNetherlands
SelectHirst, Robert DavidVirgin Islands UK
SelectHochuli,TimothyUnited States
SelectHoedeman, HansNetherlandsDe Rijp
SelectHoen, Jaap 'tCuracaoWillemstad
SelectHoeven, Cees van derCuracaoWillemstad
SelectHoey, BrigitteUnited States
SelectHoldeman,StevenUnited States
SelectHollinrake,JayUnited States
SelectHolmberg,JohnVirgin Islands US
SelectHolmberg,LouiseVirgin Islands US
SelectHolmberg,PeterVirgin Islands US
SelectHolowesko, MichaelBahamas
SelectHolzer, GeneVirgin Islands US
SelectHonour, SteveUnited States
SelectHookansen,JensVirgin Islands US
SelectHopkins,SamUnited States
SelectHoskins, Donald M. United States
SelectHousey, BoydUnited StatesPass Christian, MS
SelectHouston, ChrisUnited States
SelectHowell, JackUnited States
SelectHowell,HarveyUnited States
SelectHowes, DuncanUnited States
SelectHowlett, DouglasUnited States
SelectHoye, DavidUnited States
SelectHoyt, GarryUnited States
SelectHuang Yineng, NancyChinaNorthumberland
SelectHubert,RogerUnited States
SelectHunt,LouisUnited States
SelectHunter,PaulUnited States
SelectHus, AmandaUnited StatesTampa, FL
SelectHutchinson, FredUnited StatesFort Myers
SelectHutchinson, NortonUnited States
SelectHutchinson, ReidUnited States