50th Sunfish Worlds

Compare sailors - pick 1st sailor

This program is able to compare 2 Sunfish Worlds sailors. Start by selected sailor 1. Next you select sailor 2 based on that choice. The comparison is done for mutual results in events they both participated in. The database is rather huge: 5285 results from the past Youth-, Masters- and Worlds + 34303 results from 3881 other Sunfish regattas + 6126 results from 2561 regattas in 100 other classes in 60 countries
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ActionNameCountryHome port
SelectKaighin, CindyUnited States
SelectKaighin, DavidBahamas
SelectKaighin, JimBahamas
SelectKaighin, Liann KeyBahamas
SelectKaighin, LillyBahamas
SelectKapp, MichaelUnited States
SelectKaralekas,JamesUnited States
SelectKarnovsky, DanUnited States
SelectKasin,GregUnited States
SelectKatterheinrich, TomUnited StatesNew Knoxville, OH
SelectKatz, ChelseaUnited States
SelectKauffman, RichardVenezuelaMaracaibo
SelectKaukeinen, BrittUnited States
SelectKaukeinen, DougUnited StatesRochester, NY
SelectKaukeinen, JoeUnited States
SelectKazibutowski, RobertoVenezuelaCaracas
SelectKeating, MeaganUnited States
SelectKelly, ChristineUnited States
SelectKelly, DavidVirgin Islands US
SelectKelly, LeslieUnited States
SelectKelly, TomVirgin Islands US
SelectKempe, JayBermuda
SelectKennedy, BruceUnited States
SelectKerklaan, DickAruba
SelectKerman,MichaelUnited States
SelectKerr, DavidPuerto Rico
SelectKerst, JoshUnited StatesAnn Arbor, MI
SelectKervel Jr., ErnestAruba
SelectKervel Sr., ErnestAruba
SelectKet, LolkeNetherlands
SelectKibbelaar, JeroenCuracaoWillemstad
SelectKieft, RobinBonaire Kralendijk
SelectKingman jr., EdwardUnited States
SelectKlaarwater, HijmardArubaOranjestad
SelectKlain,KanVirgin Islands US
SelectKlein Sr., Kenneth C.Virgin Islands USSt. Thomas
SelectKlein, HeatherVirgin Islands US
SelectKlerk, Arie de ArubaNoord
SelectKleywegt, KlaasAruba
SelectKliesch, Payton United States
SelectKlingler, ToddUnited States
SelectKlingler,KerryUnited States
SelectKnab, JimUnited States
SelectKnapp, BobbyUnited States
SelectKnight,CarlUnited States
SelectKnights, JackUnited Kingdom
SelectKnox Carroll, AnnUnited States
SelectKoch, RodUnited States
SelectKoehler, JimUnited StatesAmityville, NY
SelectKoehler, MargueriteUnited StatesFarmingdale, NY
SelectKok, Aloys deNetherlands
SelectKolius, JohnUnited States
SelectKolius-Weberlein, JoanneUnited StatesHobe Sound, FL
SelectKort, NiekCuracaoWillemstad
SelectKostecki, JohnUnited States
SelectKotoun, AnthonyVirgin Islands US
SelectKrajewski, Leonora United States
SelectKratzig,ElizabethUnited StatesMiami Beach, Florida
SelectKrause, B.Bonaire Kralendijk
SelectKrausz, DavidUnited States
SelectKrawcheck, KennethUnited States
SelectKrebs,JohnUnited States
SelectKremski, JohnUnited States
SelectKresge, DanielUnited States
SelectKresic, WillUnited StatesMeriden, CT
SelectKresic-Stockwell, LyndsayUnited StatesMeriden, CT
SelectKreutzer, BruceUnited States
SelectKreutzer, JanetUnited States
SelectKromhout, KaiUnited States
SelectKruse, CharlesUnited StatesSt Petersburg, FL
SelectKyle, ScottUnited States