50th Sunfish Worlds

Compare sailors - pick 1st sailor

This program is able to compare 2 Sunfish Worlds sailors. Start by selected sailor 1. Next you select sailor 2 based on that choice. The comparison is done for mutual results in events they both participated in. The database is rather huge: 5285 results from the past Youth-, Masters- and Worlds + 34303 results from 3881 other Sunfish regattas + 6126 results from 2561 regattas in 100 other classes in 60 countries
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ActionNameCountryHome port
SelectPacheco, JoaquinUruguay
SelectPaggi, NicholasUnited States
SelectPalma Sevilla, MatiasPeru
SelectPalmer, Victoria E.United StatesOro Valley, AZ
SelectPantall, RickUnited StatesGainsvill, FL
SelectPardo, BrandonColombia
SelectParkhill, LeeCanada
SelectParks, LeeUnited StatesNewport, RI
SelectParlee, JerryUnited States
SelectParra Juan, Nestor EliasColombia
SelectParrat,GarroldUnited States
SelectParry,BobUnited States
SelectParshall, DavidUnited StatesGilbert, S.C.
SelectParshall, Elaine United States
SelectParsons,DennisUnited StatesHinsdale, IL
SelectPatin, Nicholas United StatesForest Hills, NY
SelectPatin, Paul-JonUnited StatesForest Hills, NY
SelectPatin-Cottrell, AnneUnited StatesForest Hill, NY
SelectPatterson, RobbertUnited StatesGreenville
SelectPatterson, VictorBahamas
SelectPaul, NicoleColombia
SelectPayne, DamienBermuda
SelectPaz Revoredo, MariaPeru
SelectPaz, MirandaPeru
SelectPedraza, Ana MariaColombia
SelectPenagos, CarolinaColombia
SelectPenzo, FredericoDominican Republic
SelectPeralta, Jairo B.Colombia
SelectPeralta, Jairo C.Colombia
SelectPerdomo, RodrigoColombia
SelectPerea Solis, MiguelPeruLima
SelectPerer, ArturoPuerto Rico
SelectPerez Juncal, GabrielUruguay
SelectPerez, ClementePuerto Rico
SelectPerez, CristoferDominican Republic
SelectPerez, GuilermoPeru
SelectPerez, LeoPuerto Rico
SelectPerez,EduardoPuerto Rico
SelectPerry, BobUnited States
SelectPetersen,MickyUnited States
SelectPetrin,G. FrancoItaly
SelectPetrozzi Ciriani, GiuseppePeru
SelectPexton,SteveUnited States
SelectPfister, JeffUnited States
SelectPhilbrick,NathanielUnited States
SelectPhilbrick,SamuelUnited States
SelectPhilips, AndrewUnited StatesBirmingham, AL
SelectPhillipert, PatriciaVenezuela
SelectPianelli, StefanoItaly
SelectPied, HenriMartinique
SelectPiedra, SebastianColombia
SelectPiehl, LesUnited States
SelectPierce, BarryUnited States
SelectPieterse, PietAruba
SelectPigot, JasonUnited StatesRedmond
SelectPimental, AndyUnited States
SelectPinceau, FredericMartinique
SelectPineda, CarlosColombia
SelectPiperno, RomeoItalyRoma
SelectPitcavage, JoeUnited States
SelectPitts, Timothy Virgin Islands US
SelectPizarro, Ana LuciaPeru
SelectPlata,Xavier laUnited States
SelectPlaza, AparicioEcuador
SelectPlaza, JuanEcuador
SelectPlaza, Juan CarlosColombia
SelectPletch, DanielUnited States
SelectPoiesz, TheoAruba
SelectPojer, RaulVenezuela
SelectPolansky, Barbel United States
SelectPollehne, ThomasVenezuela
SelectPoppe, SantiagoPeru
SelectPoton, AndreaColombiaCartagena
SelectPoulnot, MichaelUnited States
SelectPowers,MikeUnited States
SelectPoyen,J. deGuadeloupe
SelectPoyen,Philippe deGuadeloupe
SelectPracht jr, StevenUnited StatesShreveport
SelectPrice,BillUnited States
SelectPrieto, GaryUnited States
SelectProchaska, CarolaVenezuela
SelectPuello, Jose GuilermoDominican Republic
SelectPuig, Roberto Puerto Rico
SelectPurcell, JamiePuerto Rico