50th Sunfish Worlds

Compare sailors - pick 1st sailor

This program is able to compare 2 Sunfish Worlds sailors. Start by selected sailor 1. Next you select sailor 2 based on that choice. The comparison is done for mutual results in events they both participated in. The database is rather huge: 5285 results from the past Youth-, Masters- and Worlds + 34303 results from 3881 other Sunfish regattas + 6126 results from 2561 regattas in 100 other classes in 60 countries
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ActionNameCountryHome port
SelectWaard, Hans deNetherlands
SelectWagner, EmilyUnited States
SelectWakefield, SariUnited StatesBrandon FL
SelectWal, Richard van derArubaOranjestad
SelectWalig, JanNetherlands
SelectWalker, GlennUnited States
SelectWalker,J.KevinUnited States
SelectWallas, DwayneBahamas
SelectWaller, SamUnited States
SelectWard, JonathanUnited States
SelectWarren, DouglasUnited States
SelectWassitch, Peter BruceBahamas
SelectWassitsch, PedroAustria
SelectWatson, BarbaraUnited StatesSt Petersburg, FL
SelectWattis, Newton United States
SelectWeatherholt, LisaUnited States
SelectWebb,RobinUnited States
SelectWedemeyer, JonUnited States
SelectWeeks, BrianUnited StatesPATCHOGUE
SelectWeeks,DavidUnited States
SelectWeider, MarkUnited States
SelectWel, Nicholas vdVenezuela
SelectWelch, RickyUnited StatesLong Beach, MS
SelectWelles, PaulUnited States
SelectWells, PeterUnited States
SelectWerkema, WouterAruba
SelectWeston, CollinUnited States
SelectWeststrate, EmilAruba
SelectWheeler, KaraUnited States
SelectWhipple, GreggUnited States
SelectWhite, DannyUnited States
SelectWhite, John JUnited States
SelectWhite, LeeBermuda
SelectWhite, Will W.United States
SelectWhitehurst, RichardUnited States
SelectWhitehurst, ThomasUnited StatesGulfport, MS
SelectWhiteway,JeffUnited States
SelectWhitmore, BillUnited States
SelectWidmeier, AndyUnited States
SelectWieland, FrancesPeru
SelectWilhoyte, AndrewBahamas
SelectWilkerson, W. FrankUnited StatesClearwater, FL
SelectWilkes, BrianUnited States
SelectWillard, Martin United States
SelectWilliams, ChrisUnited StatesPhiladelphia. PA
SelectWilliams, JonUnited States
SelectWilliams, KellyUnited States
SelectWillis, Hernando Colombia
SelectWilly, JackUnited States
SelectWilson, DaneUnited States
SelectWilson, DavidUnited States
SelectWilson, PatrickUnited States
SelectWilson,ChrisUnited States
SelectWilson,GeorgeUnited States
SelectWingrove, BillUnited States
SelectWinkler, StephenUnited States
SelectWinterwerp, PeterBonaire Kralendijk
SelectWisniewski, John W. United StatesHighland lakes, NJ
SelectWitsil, RobertUnited States
SelectWood,PaulUnited StatesNorth Canton
SelectWoodman, EricUnited StatesRoslindale, MA
SelectWoodruff, StanUnited States
SelectWoodson, MarshallUnited States
SelectWoudenberg,Bert vanNetherlands
SelectWrigt, TimothyUnited States
SelectWuescher, PeterUnited StatesMetairie LA
SelectWynen,Leo vanPuerto Rico