50th Sunfish World Championship

Past winners Southwest Regional

Year # Event Venue Winner
20160Southwest Regional #2Austin YCDraheim, Stewart
20160Southwest Regionals #1Lake Conroe, TXHill, Ed
20150Southwest Regional #2BasaltEckert, Stephen B.
20150Board Boat Spring/ SW RegionalConroe YCSaurage, Hank
20140Southwest Regional Lewes YCGust, Greg
20120Southwest Regional SouthDallas Corinthian YCGust, Greg
20110Southwest Regional SouthLake Canyon YCFoerster, Paul
20100Southwest Regional Lewes YCFavela Guzman, Rod
20100Southwest Regional SouthLake Canyon YCFavela Guzman, Rod
20100Southwest Regional Northshreveport YCGust, Greg
20090Southwest Regional - SouthArlington YCBurks, Ellen
20080Southwest Regional - SouthGust, Greg
20080Southwest Regional - North Windycrest SCCollins, Tony
20070Southwest Regional - North Arlington YCGust, Greg
20070Southwest Regional SouthLake Canyon YCGust, Greg
20060Southwest RegionalLake Canyon YCGust, Greg
20060Southwest Regional - North Arlington YC Gust, Greg
20040Southwest Regional #1Seabrook SC Gust, Greg
20040Southwest Regional #2Windycrest SCFitzpatrick, Warren
20030Southwest Regional #1Austin YCGust, Greg
20030Southwest Regional #2Rush Creek YCGust, Greg
20020Southwest Regional #2Houston YCSaurage, Hank
20020Southwest Regional #1Cheney LakeFitzgerald, Tim
20010Southwest Regional - NorthCheney ReservoirOttenheimer, Martin
20010Southwest RegionalHouston YCEagan, Marcus
20000Southwest Regional #1WichitaFitzpatrick, Warren
20000Southwest Regional #2Seabrook SCBeatty, Ash
19990Southwest Regional #1Corinthian YCEdwards, Todd
19990Southwest Regional #2Cheney ReservoirSpletter, Phil
19980Southwest Regional #1Ninnescah SAMurphy,James
19980Southwest Regional #2Austin YCKolius-Weberlein, Joanne
19970Southwest Regional #1Ninnescah SAEdwards, Clinton
19970Southwest Regional #2Houston YCEdwards, Todd
19960Southwest Regional - NorthNinnescah SAManning, Vic
19960Southwest Regional - SouthTexas Corinthian YCSaurage, Hank
19950Southwest Regional
19940Southwest Regional Palacios, TXSaurage, Hank
19920Southwest Regional Austin YCMahoney, Bruce
19910Southwest Regional Houston YCBrennan, Robbert
19900Southwest Regional #1Houston YCKratzig,Elizabeth
19900Southwest Regional #2Houston YCSaurage, Hank
19900Southwest Regional #3New Orleans, LABrennan, Robbert
19890Southwest Regional Houston YCFocke, W. John
19880Southwest Regional #1Pontchartrain YCBolyard, David
19880Southwest Regional #2Houston YCDeden, Bobby
19870Southwest Regional Houston YCPlunkett, Gregg
19860Southwest Regional #1Southern YCBlouin, Joe
19860Southwest Regional #2HoustonBlouin, Joe
19850Southwest Regional
19840Southwest Regional Texas Corinthian YCFretz, Gary
19830Southwest Regional Oklahoma Vogel,Paul
19830Southwest Regional #2Houston YCRogers, Yandell
19820Southwest Regional #1Lake Belto, TempleBeatty, Ash
19810Southwest RegionalSeabrook SCRogers, Yandell
19800Southwest RegionalOklahomaVogel,Paul
19790Southwest RegionalGulfport YCCatalano, Michael
19780Southwest RegionalSeabrook SCScott,Joel

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